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Organic Hummus with Cilantro - 100g

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After opening, this product should be eaten within 7-10 days. Because it does not contain preservatives, it can be susceptible to bacterial growth such as mold if its been opened for a prolonged period of time.


This is a twist to our original hummus with added fresh cilantro (coriander) leaves. We blend in a generous amount of fresh coriander in to the traditional hummus which creates a very special flavor that is unforgettable! Our Organic Hummus is made with mostly certified organic ingredients in our kitchen. We start from soaking the chickpeas for more than 12 hours to remove the phytic acid*. This process makes the chickpeas easier to digest and assimilate and also enhances the full flavor of the nutrient dense ingredients. 

*Nuts, seeds and grains have a naturally occurring chemical known as phytic acid and enzyme-inhibitors which are removed through our soaking process. 

Why it’s good for you:

Chickpeas have a high content of potassium and dietary fiber. Combined with the tahini, its a good source of plant-based protein and calcium. Phytic acid has an effect to block the absorption of minerals** but with our long soaking process (sprouting) and rinsing, we try our best to remove this naturally occurring chemical.

With the added Coriandar leaves, this hummus will have a higher content of vitamin A, C and K.

**Phytic acid impairs the absorption of iron, zinc and calcium, and may promote mineral deficiencies

Suggested Use:

Our Hummus is great for dips, salads and wraps.  A quick additional dish for your party, everyday meals or simply make this your healthy snack. 

Organic Chickpeas*, Organic Tahini*, Fresh Cilantro (Coriander), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Fresh Lemon Juice, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Organic Garlic*, Organic Cumin Powder*

*Certified Organic

Nutritional value:

Packaged in a 100g Glass Jar